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Name:Evan Keith Turner, MD
Birthdate:Mar 30
Evan Turner was born in Germany, but raised in Chicago, the son of an army surgeon the wife he met while stationed overseas. The family moved back to the States when Evan was only three years old, and have lived in Chicago ever since. With a military father and a very traditional German mother, Evan was raised in a very strict household, and would go on to be big brother to two more boys who were born when Evan was four and seven respectively.

Growing up, Evan was good in school, and played several sports. He loved football most of all, and played quarterback, but an injured shoulder his senior year meant he would never play professionally. And as much as that sucked, Evan's parents had raised him to always have a backup plan. So he went with it, and decided to go to medical school at UCLA, spending as much time as he could between classes and studying on the gorgeous beaches of California. It was there, after years of quietly engaging in gay sex, that Evan finally decided to bust the doors of the closet wide open, telling anyone and everyone that he was gay and proud of it. And as often as he could, he was in clubs looking to hook up with the newest and cutest things on the dance floor. To earn extra money, Evan ended up working as a bouncer at his favorite gay club in LA, and that got him through college and med school.

After finishing his internship at a hospital in Houston, Texas, Evan made the choice to move to New York City, yet another complete change of pace for him, where he scored a residency under one of the best neurologists in the entire country. He was thrilled to get to work under someone who, at least in the medical world, was a household name, and became a well known neurologist in his own right. But with the specialty of neurology came a bit of an overinflated ego that would make Evan far less than popular with a lot of the other doctors. However, with his skill in the field, he was chosen to be on the special diagnostics team at Mt. Sinai, where he would work closely with the best doctors in the hospital to diagnose mystery cases... which only served to add to his ego that much more.

Along the way, Evan has developed a bit of a workaholic attitude, and has definitely not had as much time to head out looking for places to stick his dick for the evening. But what he has found is an online dating site, where he's recently started talking to a guy he knows only as givemethenews. Evan hiding behind the username headrush has gotten to know the other guy pretty well, with very open chats, just not quite telling all the facts. Neither knows the other's real name of what he does for a living, but they've had some very hot cybersex in the meantime. Evan honestly really wants to meet the guy, but time hasn't allowed, and givemethenews seems just a little nervous about the whole thing. Evan's still holding out, because he's pretty damn sure if he could get to meet the guy in person, the sex would be out of this world.


Evan is every bit a cocky bastard. He knows his shit, he's damn good at it, and he knows it. And beyond that, he will tell anybody else how damn good he is at it, too. The only doctor who's ever been completely able to put Evan in his place is Lachlan Campbell, another doctor on the diagnostics team. Despite his being a cocky bastard in general, Evan has a great bedside manner, and is extremely good with his patients. He's very comfortable in his own skin after working for years to find his own way once he escaped the watchful eye of his parents. And now that he's on his own, he's more than happy living life his own way.
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